Sprinkler Winterizations

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Sprinkler Winterizations

As the weather approaches freezing temperatures, it’s important to make sure that all the water is out of your sprinkler lines to prevent damage and the expense of sprinkler repairs. Blowing out sprinkler systems in the fall will save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Sprinkler irrigation winterization

  • Should be done by a professional to be effective
  • Compressed air removes most of the moisture from the lines and other critical components
  • Checking all electrical components to prevent any injury
  • Turning off all applicable values and water supplies
  • Making sure all heads are in their retracted position for protection from the cold

Sprinkler lines that do not get winterized can freeze in extremely low temperatures, which are common during the winter months. Frozen water in your irrigation system can cause thousands of dollars in damage to both your home and your property and require some or all of the irrigation system components to be repaired or replaced.


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